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Mango Bubbles Learning is an education management consultancy business. Our team has local Australia and international experience in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Europe regions.
Mango Bubbles Learning supports teachers to develop literacy-rich instruction and assists schools to incorporate the best research-based programs and practices for literacy in their ESL classrooms. 


Professional Development

Teacher Training in ESL literacy



Whole-school implementation

Assessment of ESL literacy programs in schools

Content Creators

Content development in ESL literacy


what we do

Mango Bubbles Learning is committed to delivering exceptional teaching.

We continually evolve our training programs to enhance the teacher experience.

Mango Bubbles Learning offers a warm and inclusive learning environment and ensures its teachers are at the forefront of the latest developments and best practices in curriculum, assessment and policy implementation.

We provide the best professional development opportunities to our teachers allowing us to constantly strive to improve and find new and creative ways to develop teachers and schools.


how we teach

Examples of the opportunities provided to school leaders and educators in support of schoolwide and individual improvement and growth include:


  • Collaborative time with School Leaders for designated Professional Development

  • Consultancy on curriculum design, evaluation and implementation

  • Learning Academy workshops where teachers share professional knowledge

  • Individual targeted professional growth aligned with schoolwide goals

how we create

Mango Bubbles Learning brings literacy to life through its content creation. We are writers in literacy that focus on meaning. We offer publishers content for a variety of genres and purposes:

  • Imaginative stories

  • Academic content

  • Informational texts

  • Balanced literacy

Mango Bubbles Learning is extremely creative in words and ideas providing outstanding content for our partners and their customers. 


what we believe

Mango Bubbles Learning believes that excellent learning takes place, when we teach teachers to embrace their super-powers in these five key roles:


  1. Subject matter expert

  2. Pedagogical expert

  3. Excellent communicator

  4. Student-centred mentor

  5. Systematic and continual assessor


Excellent teachers contribute positively to the learning environment by providing strength,  interest and extraordinary energy in these five roles for their students.  

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